"Does therapeutic massage have to hurt in order to be effective?

That's a good question...and the answer is NO!

Hi! My name is Manny Amaral. owner of Massage on the Go! I'm in my 23th year of practice and have discovered that you do not have to inflict pain with massage therapy in order to get results. In fact over the past 23 years, only a very small percentage of people have even experienced soreness! I've always maintained: "You don't have to go hard to go deep!" In fact, I can apply less than two pounds of pressure and achieve amazing results.

My method is called: "Therassage." A comprehensive method of assessment, correction and re-education, without pain! It has been my experience, to the degree that a muscle or group of muscles can relax, is the degree of it's ultimate release. Using advanced muscle release techniques, Therassage, corrects the muscular difficulty and re-educates the nervous system all while your body remains in a state of therapeutic relaxation. What I mean by that is: you will feel the treatment, but you'll never cross that pain threshold.

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